Friday, April 11, 2014

Reasons Why People Prefer for Luxury Car Rental Services in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India and the center for all tourism activities. Most of the tourists willing to experience the north India begin their trip to India from Delhi only. More than a gateway city to India, Delhi has a treasure trove of heritage that if fully explored can be an eye opener to the Indian heritage, history and civilization. One of the oldest continuing cities of India, the city was anciently known as Indraprastha during the Mahabharata era. The Pandava princes established this legendary land which somewhat described its importance in the Aryavrata (India.) The city later evolved to be the primary center point to assert control over the richness and bounties of India.
May be this is the main reason why Sultanate and Mughal rulers always made it a point to establish their stronghold over Delhi. Hindi phrases like ‘ab Dilli door nahin’ - Delhi is not too far now, also were frequently used to see how far the admirers of the city are away from it. The legacy of Delhi continued even when the British colonialists shifted their base and capital after the partition of East and West Bengal to this centric city in 1912. This was the time when Delhi gained high visibility as a symbol of modern power and imperialism before independence.
And even after independence, the city became the center for all political activities. The famous speech by Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India,Tryst with Destiny’ declaring India’s independence also was rendered within the Red Fort premises. The same trend still continues where the prime minister of India, every year on the occasion of Independence Day read out the speech and address the nation.
All this comprises the multifaceted and vivid persona of Delhi and make it a timeless city filled with many heritage wonders. A luxury car tour to Delhi provides a great reason to explore its monumental heritage, forts, tombs, rich culture, variety of big malls and a glimpse of evolving India.
A drive through Delhi includes a visit to the world heritage sites in the city like Red Fort, Humayun Tomb and Qutub Minar. Tourists can enjoy visiting the quaint heritage of old by-lanes of royal market, Chandni Chowk, Asia’s largest wholesale market. Nearby is the largest mosque in India, Jama Masjid. The modern metropolitan charm of this city can be experienced with a visit to India Gate. Also, a drive past the Parliament and the President’s House is another of a kind unique experience to be cherished in Delhi.

Other exciting facets can be enjoyed easily during a luxury car tour to Delhi. Replete with comforts and convenience, this special luxury car tour brings out the best of the city in a single trip. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Luxury Car Tours – The Popular Way to Begin Mountain Vacations

Cars reach the isolated locations and remote regions far easier than its counterparts. When airways and railways have limited reach and accessibility, roadways comprising luxury car and coaches come across as reliable tourist transportation. This is also the main reason why rented cars and coaches are preferred by the tourists travelling to the hill stations during summer vacations. Not just they connect the mountains with the plains, but they also provide an artistic way to journey through the hairpin cuts and bends.
Surely, the roads that lead to the heights of mountains are adventurous and so are the times spent on the unusual terrain. As the heavy duty vehicle trails through the rugged route towards higher mountain reaches, tourists get to soak in the expansive beauty of mountain ranges with adjoining pines and oak. On their long drive route, they get the flexibility to even stop over at a picturesque spot to witness the blissful beauty of nature and admire it.
The crisp air here welcomes the tourists and gives way to the snow-topped mountains. Covered by carpet of tea trees, caressed by the clouds and covered with mists, the mountains here offer rich and fascinating views of nature’s mightiness and magnificence.
Besides unlimited imposing views, these mountain-stretches also host many adventurous activities like trekking, climbing, rafting, camping, paragliding, yoga schools, and wildlife watching options.
There are different roads that lead to the fascinating hill stations and provide a serene & calming holiday experience. Some hill stations are in north India, north east India, west India and south India that bring a range of experiences associated with mountains and its locals.
One such exclusive experience in India can be experienced in Darjeeling / Kalimpong / Gangtok Tour. Tucked in the extreme east of India, the Himalayas here present the most picturesque views of serene hill station and for four days, the tour leads tourists to Darjeeling and Kalimpong in West Bengal and Gangtok, capital of Sikkim. In addition, the journey even brings the serenity and mystique of Buddhist monasteries settled in the valley.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Luxury Car – For Affordable Indian Drive

Every direction of India is replete with an opportunity for a bold and beautiful road trip. Well connected by a network of roads, luxury cars roll out on an unforgettable vacation at a reasonable price. These road trips don’t involve flying or cover distances on a massive transport option, i.e. railways, but offer personal experiences to remember for a lifetime. There are many roads that take tourist groups through the exquisite locales and destination attractions that add on to the essence of a luxury car tour and bring the best of a journey. Below are some of the best road trips in India that surely bring delightful experiences to the tourists.
Karnataka has in store some of the finest road trips that offer the pleasure of cool and calm journey in the region. One of the popular road routings here are based on Mysore, Ooty and Coorg. Mysore is bestowed with an impressive royal heritage. The city of fragrance is renowned for its majestic Mysore Palace, the city’s colossal tourist attraction. Along side, the city also has gardens, temples and other palaces that make it a delightful destination. Next destination on road, Ooty in Tamil Nadu brings the favourable relief to the tourists. Tucked in the Nilgiri Mountains, this hill station is prominently visited for its peaceful green hills, forest and grassland. Then, the journey takes a U-turn towards the picturesque hill station of Coorg, renowned for coffee estates. The surprising journey to Coorg again elevates mindset with the continuity of cool and calming countryside views during the journey as well as in the captivating destination. All this and much more can be covered during Mysore Ooty Coorg tour.

Another popularly trailed India road route goes into the wilderness of Central India, i.e. Madhya Pradesh. The state is fondly addressed as the heartland of India and deep within its eastern tracts accommodates the country’s celebrated temple sites and tiger reserves. The Khajuraho Bandhavgarh National Park Tour over a short span of time lets tourists experience the mighty world of white tigers and sculpted world heritage group of temples. These are two of the many luxury car tour options that are pocket-friendly, affordable and realize the need of travelling on road.  We will keep track of tourism on Indian roads in the following posts to come…

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Luxury Car Rentals – The Best Way to Plan a Last Minute Holiday

Your holidays are arriving and you want to plan a holiday in India. But the airfares are skyrocketing and berths in trains in the country are not available. Now what? Do you want your last minute travel plans to be shattered. No right. Then what’s the solution to retain your weekend holiday in India, you must be wondering. Luxury car rentals come as a last minute solution to realize your travel plans instantly.
It is a reliable transport medium aiming to provide travellers chauffeured assistance during their travelling. There are many benefits that come up with the luxury car rentals. First is the luxury of time. You don’t have to abide by the deadlines and schedules that come with trains and airplanes. Also, you will save the transportation time and anxieties involved in reaching at the railway station and airports. Imagine if you are stuck in a traffic jam and your train / plane is scheduled to depart in 5 mins. What will you do? It will be awful not only for your travel plans, but also takes toll on your mental peace. If you want to avoid these anxieties, then luxury car rentals are the best choice. Not only they allow you to spend time in luxury of possessing a luxury vehicle with chauffeured assistance, but also make sure you receive the hassle-free tour experience. All you have to do is to plan in advance and schedule the arrival of rental vehicle so that you start the journey on a good and luxurious note.
It also comes up with the flexibility wherein you can design your travel itinerary and cover as many destinations coming under your route. You can detour over a famous highway food joint or visit the nearby village. This kind of flexibility is not imagined on other travel options. Be it railways or airways, a traveller need to abide by the schedule to make the most out of a journey.
Another prominent advantage of car rentals in India is its reach. It can reach any of the 52 locations in the country in the most economical and friendly way. The car rentals can even assist your varied travel plans including family vacation or weekend holiday. All this comprise the merits of luxury car rentals that present the best option to tour in the country and make a journey satisfying. There are many luxury car India travel packages that serve as different options to enjoy the most of car rental travel in the country. A traveller can browse through such exciting options and enrich their knowledge about the destinations that cater to car rentals in India.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why car rentals are helpful for tourists?

A car not just carries you through the journey but also makes your travel more easy, convenient and liberated experience. In the unknown cities, metros and even localities, these cars act as a perfect accompaniment, allowing the travellers to explore the surroundings. This ways, they come across as a reliable companion to the travellers.
Considering their importance in travelling, the car rentals are always helpful for tourists. Even though there are prepaid taxi counters at every airport, still the foreign tourists are always caught up in the uncertainty of the situation regarding road travel in India. To remove that doubt and insecurity, it is always suggested to book the luxury car transfers in advance for a better road experience. Equipped with the destination knowledge and road routes, these special car rentals offer a confident and reliable way to travel in the new cities. A traveller just needs to book a car prior to his journey and let the rented car do its best service in transferring him to the desired destination.
These special luxury car rental services also make sure that the tourists obtain the prudent and utmost travel time on the Indian roads. Driven by expert chauffeurs, the luxury cars offer the traveller to enjoy leisurely ride towards their destination with no hassles. 
Now you must be thinking that the luxury car transfers are present only in big cities and metropolitans of India. At present, the luxury car network is spread over 52 cities across India that offers the same efficient levels of luxurious and comfortable transportation service to the travellers like you. You can rent a car from the cities in north, south, central, west and south India easily through rental cars India.

India Luxury Cars just know what you need. With its vast experience in the tourist transport industry and wide networking all over the country, the car rental service provider has the capacity to provide transport services anywhere and anytime in the country.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Get ready for a drive with India Luxury Car

Cars play an important role in the life of travellers. They accompany them every time and realize their travel expectations. An important facet of car rentals is the fact that not a single traveller can survive without them during travelling. Whether one is on a holiday or travelling for business, these cars are a significant mode of transportation that cannot be missed out in any way. Without these travel companions, travelling to and within the destinations will not be an easy task.
And if the destination is as diverse as India, then the importance of car rentals comes across as a necessity. In times when the last minute travel plans fizzle out due to lack of airline and railway tickets, these car and coach rentals come across as a reliable companion. They accommodate last minute plans with great flexibility and provide satisfaction to the travellers by keeping their plans in place. This gives travellers great freedom to plan the tour as per their convenience without worrying about the feasibility of the car rentals. They not just bridge the distance from one destination to another, but also do allow the tourists to venture towards the tourist attractions in a drivable distance.
Also, these luxury cars come across as a convenient and comfortable way to travel. One does not need to stand in queues, waiting to get the boarding pass and luggage counters after deboarding the flights. Just one need to hop in the luxury cars driven by chauffeurs expert in driving on Indian roads and let the miles pass by.

With the anytime, anywhere assistance by India Luxury Car, a traveller can plan and book his cars within and around 52 Indian cities. That in itself provides a complete luxury of hiring a vehicle at one’s convenience. If unsure of Indian destinations, then the company also offers pre-conceived luxury car India travel packages and excursion trips based out from the country metropolitan cities. These itineraries provide travellers rich knowledge of Indian destinations and guide them to plan their trip accordingly. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Making the Right Choice Car Rental During India Tour

Choosing the right car for travelling is a tedious task. Out of random options, choosing the right car for your travel needs is indeed confusing. And if you are travelling on the Indian terrain, the screening from the widely available options seems to be more difficult. The variety of landscapes ranging from mountains, deserts, jungles, beaches, cities and villages provide the highest opportunity of road travel in the country. This range of landscapes also makes it necessary to choose the best road travel companion. Understanding the importance of road trip in the country, here we are enlisting some factors that play an important role in deciding the right car choice.
  1. Number of travellers – Travelling is fun only when enjoyed collectively. This forms the major reason why travellers while planning the trip first estimate the number of travellers. In fact, it is the first and the most important factor in deciding the vehicle for a road trip. There is an elaborate range of cars and coaches that cater to a small family as well as large groups. So, before booking a luxury vehicle for road travel, first shortlist the number of participants. This will help the planners to identify the best vehicle suiting the travel requirements on which tourists can enjoy the best of road journeys.
  2. Planning route - Now that the number of travellers is planned, the next step in making a right car choice is the direction where you are heading. Are you planning a weekend trip to a nearby location or want to venture towards remote villages or hill stations. If you are travelling on the plains, then light vehicle is a good choice, but if you are travelling to isolated locations like hill stations, then heavy weight vehicles is the preferred option for a successful road trip. Also, if you are keen to venture into the jungles, then the jeeps are the best accompaniments.
  3. Time on roads - Also, how much of time you want to travel on roads matters while planning the route. There are travellers who don’t want to extend the road travelling hours and there are some who prefer not to drive during night time. This is also an important feature to be considered before renting the car. The cars with adequate cabin space should be rented if the trip consists of long road travel.

After considering these three facets, you will certainly have a clear picture on the type of luxury car you require for your coming vacations. The variety in the luxury cars and coach rentals of the country also give the visitors a great opportunity to choose and travel on the Luxury Car Coaches India. Equipped with wide range of self owned premium, executive and economy cars, the company believes in offering secure and comfortable way to drive towards Indian destinations.